iWitness Personal Safety App works with Seattle University

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Thousands of people are the victim of assault each day in the United States.  Now, there’s a personal safety app for iPhone and Android devices aimed at preventing attacks. It’s called iWitness and it gives people a way to protect themselves using their smartphones. Seattle University is the first college campus to encourage students to use […]


BlueCat Threat Protection allows organizations to defend against malware, botnets and other attacks

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BlueCat Threat Protection adds an additional layer of security for all devices across all applications to defend against malware, botnets and other attacks. Recent well-publicized attacks have demonstrated that both traditional mobile devices and non-traditional devices such as Point of Sale (POS) systems are increasingly being targeted by malware, botnets and other attacks. To combat […]

credit card fraud

Finally the end of credit card fraud

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We have probably all received the dreaded call from Visa or Mastercard Security Services at one time or another, “Madam (or Sir) did you make a purchase in ?” More often than not the reply is that we have never been to England, Russia, China or wherever the rogue purchase had been made. The pain […]

heartbleed detector

Trend Micro releases Heartbleed scanners for computers and mobile devices

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To help Internet users protect themselves from the Heartbleed bug that is eroding SSL security features on websites worldwide, Trend Micro Incorporated  today announced the release of two free Heartbleed scanners for computers and mobile devices designed to verify whether they are communicating with servers that have been compromised by the Heartbleed bug. The solutions, […]


CanSecWest hacking conference lands in Vancouver

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CanSecWest is in Vancouver this week at the Sheraton Wall Centre hotel and is a gathering of security tech professionals. People can come from anywhere in Canada and across the globe to learn and share information and experiences on applied digital security. Security professionals who attend CanSecWest work in government, the private sector or as […]