internet freedom

How much do you care about Internet freedom?

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Did you know there is a movement to create a “Declaration of Internet freedom?” The site, which is managed by Free Press has a mission to, “… [build] a powerful nationwide movement to change media and technology policies, promote the public interest and strengthen democracy. Free Press advocates for universal and affordable Internet access, diverse […]

GPS Wristwatch

Keep your children safe with Leo Smart Watch

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The Leo Smart watch is the latest technology used to keep your children safe. It sounds a little over the top at first but I can see that some parents may be interested in adopting this device to keep their children safe from predators. Overall the media may be hyping the problem up more than […]

nsa prism

Privacy dangers related to the NSA and PRISM programs

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Ever since 29 year old Edward Snowden was revealed as the whistle-blower in the NSA and PRISM privacy disclosures the media has gone full tilt trying to understand this man and the privacy concerns.  Snowden disclosed that the National Security Agency or NSA in Fort Meade MD sifts through hundreds of millions of US phone […]


A Look at the New Integrated Comcast Home Security System

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Home security systems have faced a number of significant advancements in the past 10 years. When you look at just a couple of simple technologies – such as wireless connectivity and digital imaging – you can begin to see how dramatic that change has been. Today, home security systems are undergoing another significant revolution. More […]


Using Social Media to Monitor your Employees Work Activities

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Our last two posts have focused on the benefits of how both people and companies can use social media to further their careers and improve their companies. Our third post in our series on social media focuses on whether or not companies should use social media to monitor their employees. In the workplace I have […]