Tech Execs To Liberals: Don’t Make Online Surveillance Even Worse

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Many tech entrepreneurs were already concerned that Bill C-51 — the controversial piece of national security legislation passed by the Harper government — is turning Canada into “a horrible place” for tech companies to do business, as one put it. Now, they are growing worried that the federal Liberals’ are apparently considering expanding online surveillance […]

credit card fraud

Finally the end of credit card fraud

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We have probably all received the dreaded call from Visa or Mastercard Security Services at one time or another, “Madam (or Sir) did you make a purchase in ?” More often than not the reply is that we have never been to England, Russia, China or wherever the rogue purchase had been made. The pain […]

heartbleed detector

Trend Micro releases Heartbleed scanners for computers and mobile devices

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To help Internet users protect themselves from the Heartbleed bug that is eroding SSL security features on websites worldwide, Trend Micro Incorporated  today announced the release of two free Heartbleed scanners for computers and mobile devices designed to verify whether they are communicating with servers that have been compromised by the Heartbleed bug. The solutions, […]

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Facebook Sued Over Interception of Private Messages

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Last week a class action lawsuit commenced in the Ontario Superior Court alleges that Facebook illicitly intercepted and scanned its users’ private messages without their knowledge or consent. The lawsuit alleges that the URLs (website addresses) in users’ private messages were harvested by Facebook in violation of users’ privacy. Facebook did this in order to […]

nubo software

We’ve found a BYOD solution that companies can embrace

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Nubo, the Android-based cloud workspace, has released a new version of its bring-your-own-device (BYOD) solution that leaves zero data on employee devices. The updated version delivers a dramatic improvement in bandwidth consumption, seamless transitions between data networks and a new file browser to give Nubo users a faster and more consistent experience on-the-move. Browse Android […]