Internet Tax Widely Opposed By Canadians, But GST On Netflix Not So Bad

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Canadians are opposed to the federal Liberals instituting a new tax on Internet and mobile services to pay for Canadian content, but a plurality would be okay with paying sales tax on their Netflix service, a new poll finds. The poll from IRG, carried out for consumer advocacy group OpenMedia, found 70 per cent of […]


Cutting the cord Part 1

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Christmas is the time to load up on gadgets and tech and I am no different but this time I’m doing something I never thought I would do. I’m cutting my cable. I currently have TV and Internet with Telus coming it at 109 per month. While I don’t dislike Telus or its service I […]


Promote Your Business on YouTube

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Even if you don’t use YouTube every day, you probably have a general sense of how it works. Put simply, it’s a website that lets people upload self-produced videos and display them either on YouTube or embedded on their own websites and blogs. But beyond being just a place to store videos, YouTube also has […]

Tech Predictions for 2012

Tech Predictions for 2012

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Tech Predictions for 2012 Welcome and Happy New Year everyone. The New Year brings many things including reflection, renewal and the need to keep growing. If you’ve been with us since the beginning and that was only 10 months ago, then you know or maybe don’t that we have come along quite well as Vancouver […]

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Making the Switch from Eastlink Delta Cable to Shaw

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  Last week A Shaw sales representative stopped by my house last week. He had an amazing deal for me: TV, Phone and Internet for $28.95 per month for the first year plus two 500 GB DVRs and 2 digital boxes. Sounds too good to be true. Maybe it is. My monthly bills from Eastlink […]