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Will Facebook’s Timeline App contribute to even more misery while using Facebook?

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A recent article  looks at whether or not Facebook is making us miserable. Daniel Gulati notes that “Facebook and social media are major contributors to career anxiety. It creates a den of comparison as users have a strong bias toward sharing positive milestones and avoid mentioning the more humdrum, negative parts of their lives.” It’s […]

Della Smith

To Tweet or not to Tweet; That is the Strategic Question

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Today we welcome Della Smith. I met Della at one of her workshops in September where she discussed Twitter and the role it can play in companies and organizations who incorporate it as part of their Communications strategy. Della is someone has worked with organizations in virtually every sector over the past 25 years. Her […]

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Mind your manners….

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  You all got those lectures as a kid. Mind your manners at the table, watch your P’s and Q’s,  sit up straight, hold the door open for others. If you had parents like I did then you definitely got lots of guidance on how to conduct proper social etiquette and manners when dealing with […]


Social Media Takes Centre Stage at Vancouver’s 2011 Stanley Cup Riots

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With the bitter taste of the Stanley Cup final lost to the Bruins, Vancouverites are grappling with a bigger disappointment today as thousands of “fans” choose to riot in downtown Vancouver last night following the game. CBC.ca estimates that close to 100 people were arrested by Vancouver Police and that the damage to property has […]