LTE Network Rogers

Rogers launches LTE-Advanced

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Last Friday Rogers Communications announced that it is rolling out LTE-Advanced, the next evolution of wireless technology that combines its 700MHz and AWS spectrum, so customers can download and live stream video even faster on mobiles and tablets.  Starting today Rogers customers in 12 cities will be the first customers in Canada to help from […]


Fiction to Reality: Smart Technology Origins

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When people think about science fiction, they tend to focus on technologies that don’t exist yet but would make our lives so much cooler. Where are our flying cars? When will we become an interplanetary (or better yet, interstellar) society? Why can’t someone just figure out teleportation already? Most people in the U.S. and Europe […]


Mad Genius Unveils the Ultimate Personalized Radio Experience

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Mad Genius Radio, the only platform designed for the way people naturally consume music, today announced the launch of its mobile and desktop personalized radio apps (available on iOS, Android and the Web). While other platforms use antiquated binary correlation standards that deliver narrow and predictable playlists, Mad Genius Radio creates an always-fresh, “infinite playlist” […]


Belkin Thunderbolt 2 Express Dock HD for Mac and PC

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­­­Last month Belkin introduced the Thunderbolt™ 2 Express Dock HD with cable, a powerful docking solution for both Mac and PC computers. Equipped with two Thunderbolt 2 ports, it allows users to take full advantage of Thunderbolt 2 technology’s high-speed 20Gbps bandwidth, and provides reliable transfers between laptops and up to eight other devices using […]


New Jabra Solemate Max Breaks the Wireless Sound Barrier

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Jabra has announced the imminent arrival of a new addition to its Solemate portable speaker family. Designed for wireless music, the chic, greyscale Jabra Solemate Max is stylish enough to complement your living room and it’s fitted with Jabra’s trademark rugged speaker sole so you can take it outside for summer barbecues, rooftop parties or […]

apple watch

Smartwatches Face Challenges as Payment System

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A recent survey in China, Germany, South Korea, the UK and the US indicates that people in these countries see potential in using smartwatches to ‘carry’ tickets for passenger transport or as security keys to their computers and online accounts. The ability to send healthcare data via a smartwatch is also of particular interest to […]


Netscape Navigator 1.1 launched 20 years ago

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It was 20 years ago on Monday that the first commercial web browser Netscape Navigator was released. Still in its infancy at the time, the web had yet to become the dominant form of communication that it is today. One cannot underestimate clearly how significant this release was or how far we have come on […]

slingbox m1

Slingbox M1 review

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Let me tell you a story about my experience with the Slingbox M1. The M1 was delivered a few weeks back and at first I thought, “why would I need this? Why do I need to stream TV when I can stream so many other content sources over the Internet?” I connected and configured the […]


Nexus 6 released by Google and Motorola

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At Motorola we’ve been big believers in Android since the beginning. We love its power, its flexibility, and how it gives you the freedom to choose the experience that’s right for you. In fact, the only thing that would be better than Android is…more Android. That’s why we’re so excited to have been able to […]


D&B chooses Vancouver to launch global Cloud Innovation Center

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This spring, Vancouver cloud-based analytics and business intelligence startup, Indicee made headlines after being acquired by internationally renowned commercial data, analytics and business insights provider, Dun & Bradstreet (D&B). What’s drawing attention to this acquisition now is the team unveiling the new D&B Cloud Innovation Center and announcing plans to create 100 new local jobs […]