Phantom Glass

Phantom Glass review

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Phantom Glass has the answer to protecting your devices as its a tempered glass screen protector, created with Corning Gorilla Glass, to ensure maximum impact and scratch protection. What is it? at .2millimeters thin Phantom Glass features two unique coatings: a silicone nano-adhesion layer, which allows for easy installation while its oleophobic nano-coating that allows […]


Jabra Sport Wireless+ review

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Having used the Jabra Sport Wireless+ headphones since February, I have a confession to make. I’m not switching back to regular headphones! Cutting the headphone cable has been a great move for me as it’s now so easy to listen to music and not be cabled to my Apple devices. At first it was a […]


Samsung Galaxy S5 launches April 11th in Canada

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The Galaxy S5 comes to Canada on April 11th through just about every wireless carrier and it’s likely to be one of the top sellers of the year. With Samsung’s marketing muscle behind it, the Galaxy S brand has become the preeminent Android smartphone on the market. The devices have been, generally speaking, solid challengers […]


Z30 from Blackberry shows off the Jekyll and Hyde of the company

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Blackberry is an interesting case study. As a blogger reviewing its devices, particularly the new Z10 and Q10 earlier this year I was impressed about how the new devices stacked up against Apple and Android devices. The BB10 operating system launched in January of this year was a serious step forward from iOS and Android […]

mobile scanner

Mobile Scanner Review: Visioneer RoadWarrior 3

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The Visioneer RoadWarrior 3 mobile scanner was a delight to review. It worked as advertised and exceeded my expectations. A compact little unit, the RoadWarrior weighed in at only 380g (13.4 oz) with dimensions of 290*54*38 mm (11.4″*2.2″*1.5″) (W * D * H) making it a truly mobile device. This one can fit easily in […]

Motorola Moto X

Motorola Moto X: OK Google Now!

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At first using the Motorola Moto X didn’t seem much different than any other Android device but when I drilled deeper into the functionality I was pleasantly surprised. On the device I set up my default services including Gmail (Google Account) and Twitter. As with other Android devices I really like the notifications functionality compared […]


Jabra Solemate packs a punch as a portable speaker

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I must admit I’m new to the phenomena of portable speakers. Add bluetooth into the mix and I have a fresh challenge on my hands which is why I love to blog and write about tech. Having played with the Jabra Solemate now for a few weeks I’m impressed by the power this little speaker […]

phone cradle

Zyroshell car and desk phone cradle review

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Originally a Kickstarter project, the Zyroshell car and desk phone cradle is making its way out of the labs and into our cars and offices. I’ve had the Zyroshell phone cradle for a while now and almost forgot I had it as it has blended in so well. It’s a gadget that’s so simple but […]

Nettalk Duo WIFI

Cutting the cord with the netTalk Duo Wifi

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Back in August our Tech News team posted some information on the netTalk Duo and now that I have had time to use it a bit here is my review. The fact that I am not using a telephone company like Telus to run my telephone seems a bit odd to me. We did post […]


SafeCase a sturdy and protective option for the iPhone 4S

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Having already reviewed the Snugg iPad 4 case back in the spring I figured it was time to try another of their cases for my iPhone 4S. At first glance I was amazed how sturdy the Safe Case was and then I realized why upon reading the packaging. It’s meant to protects users from electromagnetic […]