Don’t believe the hype. Can celebrities save tech companys?

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On Saturday my partner Jay Kenobi posted news about Aston Kutcher and his work with Lenovo. Is this by another tech company to cash in on the hype and profile such a celebrity brings. It seems that way. We’ve seen this happen before one example being Blackberry who brought on Alicia Keys as Global Creative […]

Google Glasses

Zen Launchpad aims to create hub of innovation on the North Shore

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Vancouver is a hot bed for tech these days and while incubators and startups are popping up faster than the latest microbrew company, North Vancouver hasn’t reached the same level of tech as Gastown or Yaletown. Reza Ghaeli and Cyri Jones Co Founders of Zen Launchpad and Zen Maker Lab aim to change that when […]


Survey of Canadian CIOs Unveils Technology Trends Influencing the Evolution of the Workplace

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A recent IDC survey commissioned by Samsung Electronics Canada found that technology trends such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), which show the growing use of personal tablets and smartphones in the workplace, is driving change for the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and businesses across Canada. Of the CIOs surveyed, 58 per cent said the […]


School of Public Policy Report on Wireless Competition slams Federal Government Moves for Fourth Mobile Wireless Carrier

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Last year featured a high-stakes battle between two protagonists over the issue of a fourth wireless carrier in Canada. On one side was the federal government, seeking to ease a fourth mobile carrier through spectrum policy and any other means at its disposal.  On the other side, Bell, Rogers, and Telus.  The issue?  Who should […]


CRTC continues to promote wireless competition for Canadians

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Last week The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) announced that it would prohibit exclusivity provisions in roaming agreements between Canadian wireless service providers to further enhance sustainable competition in the wireless market. In December 2013, the CRTC initiated a formal public proceeding to look at whether certain wireless service providers were subjecting smaller Canadian […]