SONOS Playbar

SONOS Playbar Review

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The SONOS Playbar was a pleasure to review. It was super simple to setup, configure and use. I could operate the device via WIFI as the bridge was connected directly to my router meaning I could use my smartphone or computer to send commands. Or I could simply turn on my TV and listen to […]

OUYA open source gaming

Open source gaming console OUYA hits shelves today!

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Ever since I heard about OUYA, the open source gaming console via Kickstarter I have been waiting in anticipation of this very day. Finally we have ourselves the first open source gaming console. No longer are we walled in by the major gaming vendors Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. Now we have another option that is […]

nsa prism

Privacy dangers related to the NSA and PRISM programs

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Ever since 29 year old Edward Snowden was revealed as the whistle-blower in the NSA and PRISM privacy disclosures the media has gone full tilt trying to understand this man and the privacy concerns.  Snowden disclosed that the National Security Agency or NSA in Fort Meade MD sifts through hundreds of millions of US phone […]

wordpress crunching

How to Troubleshoot WordPress Crunching Freeze Issues

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The other day I tried to upload a bunch of photos to the WordPress media section of my blog and ran into the notorious “crunching” issue. Basically what happened is that I attempted to upload 8 photos and WordPress would freeze during the crunching phase. If you’re not familiar with the error here’s what it […]

Olympus PEN Lite E-PL5

Olympus PEN Lite E-PL5: Field Test and Review

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The Olympus PEN Lite E-PL5 was a real treat to use and I took the device on a field test on my recent trip to Cultus Lake, BC. It produced some world class photographs and videos and I’m happy to report that the image quality was outstanding and the focus was blazing fast. According to […]


How can I repair my water damaged phone?

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Kensington has developed a fantastic new gadget called EVAP to help people repair their water damaged phones.  According to a report sanctioned by Rogers Communications 83 per cent of Canadians use their smartphones in the bathroom where water accidents can occur. Compounding the problem is the fact that the vast majority of smartphone users have […]

cell tower

Canadians can cancel their wireless contracts after two years starting December 2, 2013

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Finally something is being done about Canadian cellular contract and billing issues. For far too long Canadians have dealt with “way too long” 3 year contracts and unexpected roaming charges upon returning from vacations abroad. According to a press release from the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) website, “the CRTC issued a wireless code […]

social ceo

The Seven Habits of Highly Social CEOs

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A new study released today found that the majority of global executives (76 percent) believe that it is a good idea for CEOs to actively participate in social media. These executives recognize a multitude of returns when CEOs are social, including improved company reputation, business results and employee engagement. These findings, from global public relations […]


Watch our review of the HTC One smartphone

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Vancouver Gadgets recently got it’s hands on the HTC Once smartphone and we’ve got to say this one was a real delight. It’s a gorgeous phone and almost has a “jewel-like quality” to it. With it’s exquisitely crafted beveled edges, “Beats Audio” stereo sound-system and stunningly sharp 1080p HD 4.7″ display I am practically left […]

wireless HDTV

Watch HDTV wirelessly in Canada with Bell’s Fibe wireless receiver

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Bell has announced the launch of the Fibe TV Wireless Receiver. Fibe enables customers to watch HDTV wirelessly on up to 5 additional TVs anywhere in the home – without the hassle of running cable through the house. “The new Fibe TV Wireless Receiver is part of Bell’s commitment to bring consumers the very best […]