xbox one vs ps4

Which should I buy: Playstation 4 or Xbox One?

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Any gamers out there? Looking at PS4 vs Xbox One. Which did you purchase and why? I’ve been doing some research online and it seems like they’re essentially the same. Is there something I’m missing?

beats audio

Could Apple, Google, and Microsoft offer a premium music streaming service for free?

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So it seems we are in the heat of battle. We are witnessing the war of the music streaming service providers. The media has been full of stories of music streaming providers lowering prices, consolidating services and buying up competitors. For consumers this is a great thing as it means more choice and lower prices […]

slingbox m1

Slingbox M1 review

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Let me tell you a story about my experience with the Slingbox M1. The M1 was delivered a few weeks back and at first I thought, “why would I need this? Why do I need to stream TV when I can stream so many other content sources over the Internet?” I connected and configured the […]

club penguin

What’s the deal with Club Penguin?

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So my son and daughter both have memberships to Club Penguin, at quite a steep cost mind you, and I’m starting to feel a little taken by the policies of this children’s social network. My daughter’s account cost $20 for a three month membership and my son’s cost $40 for a six month membership. Now […]

ashton kutcher

Is Ashton Kutcher the next Steve Jobs?

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Well apparently Lenovo seems to think so in today’s mass email distribution. There’s a photo of Ashton Kutcher hovering over a Lenovo tablet with a very serious look on his face. I’m not sure what Lenovo is trying to accomplish here but I find it a little disconcerting. Apparently Ashton Kutcher thinks he’s the next […]