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Understanding Legacy Modernization

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Legacy Modernization allows organizations to update applications that are out of date. With Legacy Modernization a conversion process enhances coding languages and protocols so that they work with modern hardware and wireless devices. During this rewrite you must make sure that backups extend all the way to the DASB or corruption will result. The legacy […]

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Switching Internet, Cable and Phone from Shaw to Telus

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Two days ago a Telus consultant stopped by and proposed a bundled offer for Internet, Cable and Phone for $45 per month for the first year and $110 per month thereafter. I’m seriously considering the switch. He claims the service is better than Shaw. Has anyone out there ever used Telus? Is the future really […]


Fiction to Reality: Smart Technology Origins

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When people think about science fiction, they tend to focus on technologies that don’t exist yet but would make our lives so much cooler. Where are our flying cars? When will we become an interplanetary (or better yet, interstellar) society? Why can’t someone just figure out teleportation already? Most people in the U.S. and Europe […]


Marketcircle offers top business software solutions for Small Businesses

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Marketcircle offers the solutions that small companies need to become the best. Daylite and BillingsPro are two software application that they offer which will help a small company rise to the top. As both top business software, and the best small business accounting software, these programs offer features that will meet the needs of any […]


dbrand offers some great vinyl skins for phones like the Nexus 5

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Having recently got my sweaty paws on the Nexus 5 I ended up spending some time researching protective cases. I tend to carry a lot of stuff around in my pockets and because of this smartphones I’ve owned in the past have tended to look pretty badly beaten after only a few months of use […]