google glass broadcasting

Whatever happened to Google Glass?

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In 2012 Google Glass launched and like everyone else in the tech world we were glued to social media networks and online mentions of the technology. Wearable tech has always been a thing but Glass seemed to make it so real that everyone was going to have one. The wearable tech scene and industry probably […]


Vancouver Gadgets Valentine’s Contest Logiix Prize Pack

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Vancouver Gadgets wants to help you get in your sweethearts good books in time for Valentines Day on February 14th. We’re giving away a Logiix prize pack to one lucky winner. Contained in the prize pack are the following items: One Piston Power Beacon, one Smart Connect item, a Piston Connect USB-C to 1Gbit Ethernet […]

Logiix Bluetooth Headphones

Logiix Bluetooth Headphones Review

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I have always been a big fan of Bluetooth Headphones for my workouts. I find it tiring to have headphone cords snag on my clothes or equipment so when the Logiix Bluetooth Headphones arrived I was happy to start using them. I previously used and reviewed a couple pairs of Jabra headphones back in 2014 […]


Cutting the Cord Part 3 The HD Antenna

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Last week I told you I cut my Optik TV with Telus and have begun exploring some cord cutting options. I have a Sportsnet and Netflix subscriptions to help compensate for not having a TV package. I already have an Apple TV and a Roku 3 which I blogged about last year. This should help […]


Cutting the Cord Part Two Looking at streaming boxes

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Last week I did what I wanted to do and cut my Optik TV with TELUS. TELUS tried to offer a big discount to stay on with The Essentials package at 15 for 6 months versus 38.00$. I said no and eliminated 56.00 dollars from my monthly bill because I had two themes packs as […]