Logiix Bluetooth Headphones Review

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Logiix Bluetooth Headphones

I have always been a big fan of Bluetooth Headphones for my workouts. I find it tiring to have headphone cords snag on my clothes or equipment so when the Logiix Bluetooth Headphones arrived I was happy to start using them.

Logiix Bluetooth Headphones

Logiix Bluetooth Headphones

I previously used and reviewed a couple pairs of Jabra headphones back in 2014 and 2015. They were the first company to send us BlueTooth headphones. They were reliable and durable and lasted me a while but I lost a pair and the price tag of 120$ to replace was too much to bear.

Logiix’s has its own line of Bluetooth headphones, the Blue Piston tuneFREQS 360 BT. They have full stereo sound and are Noise-isolating in-ear as well. I liked that they have the inline mic & controls right on the unit. I cranked them up to full volume and could not keep the headphones in my ears. I would not recommend turning them up above half way. They are currently 59.99 via the Logiix website which is a great price for Bluetooth headphones.

They synced easily with my iPhone 5s and use Bluetooth version 4.1. The Logiix website notes that they are compatible with Apple and most Android devices. They will work with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. They also come with a Neck strap that allows you to easily slot the headphones in and have them sit comfortable around your neck.

We have also review other Logiix products including the wired version of these headphones and you can check out the Tune Freqs post. We also suggest looking at the Logiix website for more information on their headphones.

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