How to Troubleshoot WordPress Crunching Freeze Issues

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wordpress crunching

The other day I tried to upload a bunch of photos to the WordPress media section of my blog and ran into the notorious “crunching” issue. Basically what happened is that I attempted to upload 8 photos and WordPress would freeze during the crunching phase. If you’re not familiar with the error here’s what it looks like.

wordpress crunching

wordpress crunching

Well this really stumped me and I couldn’t find an answer via a Google search. So I figured that since WordPress is a web application the experience might be different if I tried a different browser. I did have the most recent version of Firefox running so I thought this couldn’t be the issue at first so it didn’t even come to mind. Finally I thought back to my web application troubleshooting days and the most common suggestion was to try a different browser. I opened Safari, logged onto WordPress and uploaded the photos from there and bingo; crunching issue resolved. If this post helped you please let me know by leaving a comment below!

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