Christmas gadget shopping guide 2012

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Once again Christmas is approaching and we are here to help you with the “Christmas gadget shopping guide 2012″. How much do you want to spend and how do you buy gifts for the person that seemingly has everything? It seems like buying gifts for people gets more difficult every year. How do you know what kind of things people like and how do you buy things for people without feeling like you’re wasting your time and money?

The Christmas gadget shopping guide will hopefully give you a little more focus on your shopping journey and make things a little easier for you. If you have any questions don’t forget to leave a comment below. The main areas of focus in this guide will include tablet devices, laptop computer, smartphones, games and gaming consoles, cameras, accessories, and video streaming options.


The Apple iPad mini is the most talked about device this fall season. With a 7.9 inch display, the iPad mini is a definite consideration for those looking to acquire a tablet smaller than the full sized iPad comparatively sized at 9.7 inches. The latest iPad 4 is a nice option though and with the latest A6X chip you get twice the speed and processing power compared to the iPad 3 which included an A5X chip.

One of the most affordable and dependable tablets continues to be the Le Pan TC 970. While this is last years model it continues to be a very popular model with the budget conscious. Click the image to the right if you want to learn a little more about it. If you’re interested in other tablet options check out our article titled, “Top tablets for 2012.”


Now that Microsoft Windows 8 has released there is a lot of chatter and excitement around that platform. Perhaps your next laptop will feature Windows 8 if you are already on the Windows track. In other words migrating from Windows XP or Windows 7 should be made easier by going the Windows 8 route. One of the hottest sellers over at Amazon is the HP 2000-2b20CA 15.6 inch laptop. If you’re looking for more information about laptops you may want to check out our post “Top laptop computers for 2012.”


The hottest sellers on the block include the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, iPhone 5, and Windows Phone 8. On November 26th Vancouver Gadgets Editor-in-chief Jay Kenobi and Marketing Strategy Executive Perpetual Motion will feature the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 on CKNW 980 on The Bill Good Show. This is a beautiful smartphone and features a large 5.5 inch viewing experience. The S Pen really differentiates the product as the natural input of your own handwriting brings a more personal feeling to using your smartphone.

The Windows 8 phone is a hot topic these days with many manufacturers stating release dates in November 2012. The Apple iPhone 5 featured a form factor change from the iPhone 4S now with a longer skinnier look to it.

Games and Gaming Consoles

The gaming console talk of Fall 2012 is the Nintendo Wii U. This is the first major console release in some time so the expectations around the new console are high. Regardless kids everywhere are clamoring to get their requests into Santa Claus for the first tastes of the Wii U which features a tablet device along with the traditional console set that connects to the TV. Check out the Gaming category on our blog to look at some of the other hot releases for Fall 2012.


The Canon series of cameras continues to dominate the DSLR and point and shoot categories. With its superior lens quality and electronics Canon is the choice for discriminating photographers looking for a dedicated device. Take a look at the bestselling cameras at Amazon Canada for more options and to compare the features.

Video Streaming

Everyone’s talking about video streaming these days with most of the conversation focusing on Netflix. The questions usually revolve around, “how can I setup Netflix and what do I need to buy?” The answer to this is “that depends.” There are a number of devices that will stream video including the Apple TV, Roku, Western Digital, and various blu-ray players and video gaming consoles. Start shopping for video streaming devices right here.


Before you wind up your Christmas shopping remember to pick up all the odds ‘n’ ends required to make your gadgets and gizmos operate; this includes batteries, memory cards, print cartridges and protective carrying cases. Click here to check out the bestselling electronics accessories.

Thanks for stopping by Vancouver Gadgets and I hope your 2012 Christmas season is a merry one. Remember that Christmas is not all about consumer electronics and you should always remember to take time for yourself and loved ones. Take care over the holidays!

What are you most wishing for this Christmas season? Don’t forget that you can now shop for your gadgets directly from Vancouver Gadgets at our online store.

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