2011 Tax Software for Canadians

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Another tax season is upon us and as we approach April the thought of paying the tax-man looms ever closer. Vancouver Gadgets is here to give you some options as we approach the inevitable date of April 30th. For some of us the idea of paying taxes may be a welcome routine especially if there is a refund on the way. For others it may mean digging deep into our pockets or credit lines to pay off Revenue Canada.

Turbotax Standard 2011 and Turbotax Basic 2011 are the de facto tax software packages for consumers. This is personally a product that I have used in the past when my taxes were relatively straightforward. If you just have a T4 and a couple other forms this is the way to go. Another option for Canadian taxpayers is UFile 2011 for Windows. I’ve heard many good things about this product as well but have not used it personally. If you have any feedback I’d be happy to hear your experience.

If you own a small business and want to do your taxes yourself Turbotax Business 2011 might be the way to go. Personally as a small business owner I prefer to send my receipts off to an accountant, but to each his own I suppose. If you are thinking about preparing your own business taxes you may want to consider either Byrd & Chen’s Canadian Tax Principles or 167 Tax Tips for Canadian Small Business. You can never have enough knowledge behind you when working with tax concepts.

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