Holy War 2.0

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Holy War 2.0 is brewing and its happening in a place you wouldn’t expect, the Internet, more specifically YouTube. A gentleman by the alias of “bball1989” has posted a video that has gone viral and at publication date had 18,247,030 views. The video is titled “Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus.” The video has spawned a plethora of responses from many groups and denominations including Athesists, Catholics, Muslims and general onlookers.

Some of the video replies have inherited the same almost rap-poetic style of bball1989 while some seem a little desparate and cheesy. Others such as the reply from “TheAmazingAtheist” are a little frightening to be honest. His video called “I Hate religion, And Jesus Too” is a little too intense for my liking. This gentleman (if you could call him that) is a little too aggressive and profane for my tastes. By the way, the cursing problem is another side topic that needs to be addressed; there’s kids watching videos on YouTube for pete’s sake. YouTube needs to do a better job of assessing videos for viewing by age groups.

Holy War 2.0 has started on the Internet and is evident by the comment discussions going back and forth between the different atheist, religious and spiritual denominations. Some of the comments have gotten downright nasty, worse than the usual YouTube banter.

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