Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2012 Wrap-up

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Yet another Consumer Electronics Show (CES) comes and goes from Las Vegas, Nevada. The throngs of “real-time” reporters, bloggers and analysts have left and gone back to their usual jobs. With appearances from Justin Bieber, Dennis Rodman, LL Cool J and Snooki was the event more hype than anything else? There were prototypes galore. There were a lot of vendors working hard to get contracts on existing products and inventory and a plethora of new product announcements including:  (source CES)

Dish Network – The Hopper Whole Home DVR Entertainment System
Ford/NPR – NPR smartphone App for Ford SYNC
Fujifilm – X-Pro 1 Interchangeable Lens Camera
Huawei – Ascend P1 smartphone with dual-core processors.
Intel – Lenovo Ultrabook with ArcSoft Quick Photo
Klipsh – G42 Sound System
LG Electronics –55inch 3D OLED TV
Livio Radio – Livio Connect
Netgear – Universal Dual Band Wi-Fi Range Extender
Nokia – Lumina 900
Panasonic – MySpace TV
Pioneer – App Radio 2
Samsung – ES8000 LED SmartTV
Sharp – Aquos 80-inch display/board
Sony – Android-powered Walkman Z
Stream TV – Ultra-D, glasses-free 3D TV
Voxx Electronics – Insite personal property tracking system

So what was the verdict? Was it all worth it? According to reports from PC Mag, “approximately 153,000 people attended CES this year, up from 140,000 in 2011, and of that, 34,000 people were international attendees. That makes it the largest CES in the show’s 44-year history, CEA said.” So even though some of the big players such as Microsoft and Apple were not in attendance it sounds like it had little negative impact on the event itself.

The hottest announcement of the week was OLED TVs. A report from CNET says,  “OLED is the future, and this year you’ll be able to buy one in a 55-inch size. Both Samsung and LG’s OLED displays were impressive, with Samsung the most visually striking thanks to a superior reel of demo program material (see photo). It’s indisputable that OLED offers amazing picture quality, beginning with the potential for absolute black levels, wide viewing angles, and near-instantaneous response times.”

However not everyone was as thrilled with the CES 2012 as the hype may have you believe. One reporter, Ed Bott, has written that he will not be going back to the event. He says, “filtering through that noise level to find the small bits of interesting writing and reporting is difficult. Way too difficult for me, in fact, which is why I didn’t even bother with a CES-focused news feed last week. I saw what I wanted to see, and I’m now catching up on the coverage I missed last week.”

Thanks for the memories, CES, we’ll see you again in 2013.

Featured image courtesy of Business Insider.





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