Municipal Election 2011 Saturday, November 19th

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It’s election day today in Metro Vancouver and I would encourage one and all to get out and vote. The word needs to get out particularly with the 18-35 year old age category as they are the least likely to vote in municipal elections. The word needs to get out on all the social media channels. I checked Twitter this morning and noticed there were no election related trending topics. I suggest if you have a Twitter account and any comments with respect to today’s election that you post them under the hashtag #election to get more exposure for today’s event. On Facebook I didn’t notice anyone posting about the election at all. I hope your profile reflected a different result.

According to the CBC, “The province has the lowest voter turnout in the country for civic elections,” and further goes on to say, “turnout was 32 per cent in 2005 and then sank to the lowest in history in 2008, with just 31 per cent of voters bothering to cast a ballot.” What’s going on and what’s driving the apathy in municipal elections? We’d be interested to hear your view. Please leave a comment below if you have an opinion on this or anything election related.

If you are looking for some resources for today’s election you can refer to the links below; or if you are looking for a more comprehensive list or don’t see your city or municipality here please see the listing at The Province or The Vancouver Sun as they have excellent pages dedicated to the municipal elections. I highly recommend you take a look to be aware of the topics facing voters in 2011.




Maple Ridge


North Vancouver

New Westminster


West Vancouver








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