The Transition from Dumbphone to Smartphone.

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The wait is finally over. Yesterday I joined the throngs by becoming the proud owner of a smartphone. I had been waiting for my Apple iPhone 4S since October 15th and it took about 45 days to finally get the device into my hands. Rogers had put me into what seemed to be the longest queue vs. other Canadian telecommunications carriers such as Telus and Bell. I never thought I would have to wait so long but I figured I had been using a regular Joe-Schmoe Samsung mobile phone up until now that I figured another couple of days wouldn’t hurt; plus Rogers has a great reputation for having the best cellular wireless network in Canada.

The service at Rogers was fantastic. When the phone finally did arrive I was greeted with the most amazing reception and conversation. Excellent service.

So what has the transition from dumbphone to smartphone been like? Well honestly its been a little anticlimactic since I’ve been an iPad user for a little over a year now. The transition to the iPhone just made sense since I’ve been using iOS in one form or another since October 2010. I have always been an avid photographer and videographer so having that functionality built into one device is priceless. The one feature that did take a while to get used to is SIRI, which is the built in automated assistant.

SIRI is amazing; I love this feature on the iPhone 4S. Literally all you have to do is hold the phone up to your ear (assuming the screen is active and the SIRI setting “raise to speak” is on) and say a command. It took a little bit of getting used to but I’m thinking this is the beginning of a wonderful new relationship. I can ask SIRI to create and send a text on my behalf which is wonderful since I have sausage links for fingers. I can also ask it to call and connect me to my contacts which is a huge time saver for me. I don’t like having to enter a bunch of speed dial numbers let alone try to remember who’s assigned to what number. The biggest feature of SIRI really is just the fact that I can avoid typing on such a small screen. This is a huge selling feature for people who are a little bit challenged with the whole concept of texting.

All in all its been a good purchase and I don’t have any symptoms of buyers remorse. Have you bought an Apple iPhone 4S? Are you considering one? Leave a comment below and lets chat.

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